Finalists of the Women Startup Challenge Europe

Europe 2017 | Finalists | Judges | Advisory Committee

These 10 inspiring women-led startups were the finalists of Women Startup Challenge Europe. They pitched their ventures to a panel of judges for a €50,000 cash grant and $210,000 in IBM cloud services on May 3, 2017, at City Hall in London. Check out their game-changing startups below.


Pitching Founder: Kristina Tsvetanova

Country: Austria


BLITAB® is the world’s first “tablet” for the blind, creating tactile text and graphics. The award-winning BLITAB® tablet empowers blind users to learn, work, and play with one mobile device so they can access digital knowledge in real time.


Pitching Founder: Elsa Hermal

Country: France


Epicery is an app that allows people to order fresh food online directly from local artisan shops, with one-hour delivery. The best butchers, fishmongers, cheese makers, organic fruits and vegetables, and pastries of your city are now available on-demand and delivered to your door at your convenience.


Pitching Founder: Dr. Maria Chatzou

Country: Spain

Lifebit is creating the operating system of genomics. Our unified framework system enables insightful, real-time genomics analyses by making them easy to deploy, portable across clusters and clouds, scalable no matter the size of the data to be analyzed, reproducible, and more time and cost-efficient.

Open Bionics

Pitching Founder: Samantha Payne

Country: UK


Open Bionics, an award-winning robotics startup, is revolutionising the healthcare industry by using 3D scanning and printing to create advanced, affordable, and stylish bionic limbs. They’re turning children with limb differences into bionic superheroes.

See Fashion

Pitching Founder: Ivana Ojukwu

Country: UK


See Fashion is a discovery platform that helps fashion brands identify new trends and buying opportunities in their markets. They collect data from designers’ e-commerce sites and marketplaces to provide highly segmented and contextualised product insights in real-time.


Pitching Founder: Alexandra Grigore

Country: UK


Simprints has developed an inexpensive biometric scanner, mobile app, and cloud platform that could become the first identity provider for the 1.5 billion people who do not have formal IDs. By using people’s fingerprints to accurately link them to records, Simprints aims to create a world where lack of identity is never the reason why anyone is denied the services, care, and rights they deserve.

Sound Bounce

Pitching Founder: Rhona Togher

Country: Ireland


The world’s first smart material hearing protection headset that works to absorb damaging sounds.

Sound Bounce is an acoustic metamaterial, which provides significantly improved noise attenuation when compared to conventional materials. Sound Bounce can be integrated into automotive, aerospace, construction, and many more industries to drastically reduce the impact of environmental noise.


Pitching Founder: Colleen Wong

Country: UK


TechSixtyFour delivers unique and innovative technologies that have a positive impact on family life. Their product, the Gator watch, is a wearable mobile phone and tracker made for young children.


Pitching Founder: Caritta Seppa

Country: Finland


Tespack provides mobile energy creation on the move with its smart clothes and Smart Wear. Combining state-of-the-art connectivity features, Tespack technology solves the biggest problems of smart clothing, battery life, and connectivity. Tespack’s clients range from Vodafone to the United Nations to General Electric.

We Got POP

Pitching Founder: Kate McLaughlin

Country: UK


POP is the marketplace for film and TV production. POP’s mission is to enable productions to seamlessly book, manage, and pay for all people and services required to make their shows through one beautiful, integrated platform. POP is introducing innovative technology that brings efficiency to an industry surprisingly reliant on laborious, manual, old-school processes.