2009 Panels

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Women and Open Source

This panel explores getting women involved in creating successful Open Source communities, the foundations of openness, and Open Standards.

Panelists: Michelle Murrian, NOSI, Amy De Groff, Howard County Library. Moderator: Amanda Steinberg, Soapbxx

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Breaking Through the Digital Ceiling

Women in tech and social media experts identify strategies for breaking through the digital ceiling. The panel will discuss topics such as getting heard by upper management, how to effectively advocate for your work and expertise as well as how to break through the barriers of being too young or too old in the tech sector.

Panelists: Lynne D. Johnson, Fast Company, Charlene Li, Co-Author of Groundswell and Founder of Altimeter, Susan Mernit, Consultant, Connie Reece, Every Dot Connects and Social Media Club. Moderator: Allyson Kapin, Rad Campaign and Women Who Tech

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Tech Marketing in a Recession

When the economy struggles, the Public Relations/Marketing budget is often the first to be cut. How can organizations create or maintain a healthy marketing campaign on an already squeezed budget? Tune in to hear from a panel of experts from all facets of the industry – a seasoned PR veteran, a fresh social media expert and a previous technology industry analyst. Looking at the angle from all sides, the panel will provide a comprehensive approach to this timely topic. From “back to basics” strategies to embracing the power of social media, the panel will share insight and practical tips on how to stand out in a struggling economy.

Panelists: Fran Boscker, Vantage Communications, Hilary Zwerdling, M+R Strategic Services. Moderator: Jennifer Kutz, Vantage Communications

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Social Networks and Diversity Barriers

This panel would continue the discussion from Fem 2.0, She’s Geeky and online regarding how to build support, direct advocacy and raise awareness on women’s issues, women’s rights and women in government. Focusing in on strategies and tactics for online collaborative projects, the panel will address some of the pressing issues, getting key women in technology stakeholders working together using technology for women.

Panelists: Shireen Mitchell and Glennette Clark, CITI

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Tools Galore in Online Communications

From Google Earth to Wiki’s and Twitter this panel will give you the nuts and bolts of the latest tools organizations can utilize to ramp up their next online campaign.

Panelists: Natalie Foster, DNC, Rebecca Moore, Google Earth Outreach, Laura Quinn, Idealware. Moderator: Amy Sample Ward, NetSquared

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Innovation and Tech Career Reinvention

This panel will discuss useful topics such as how to differentiate yourself by using Web 2.0 tools strategically. Specifically we will discuss 7 career reinvention actions you must take now. Sniffing out the projects that play to your strengths (and move your career forward). Career migration and cutover–what to bring along and what to leave behind. Succession planning as part of your reinvention strategy–when does it make sense?

Panelists: Christine Adzich, Big Picture Productions, Sheryl Chamberlain, EMC, Megan Fitzgerald, Career By Choice, Nancy Wheeler, Intel. Moderator: Dee McCorery, Risktaking for Success, LLC

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Launching Your Own Startup

Do you have a fantastic idea for a start-up but just don’t understand what it really takes to launch it and be successful? How do you fund it? How do you choose the right business partners? Check out this soup to nuts panel featuring an all-star lineup of women who have successfully launched their own startups and have lots of wisdom and advice to share.

Panelists: Rashmi Sinha, SlideShare, Amy Muller, Get Satisfaction, Lisa Stone, BlogHer. Moderator: Mary Hodder

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What Shirky Didn’t Tell Us

This panel will look at problems that are arising along gender, class and race lines within the new paradigms of Web 2.0, 3.0 and beyond. When we remove explicit structure from the organizing and tech equation, inherent structure arises– illustrating through technology just how far we have to go for social equality. But we don’t want to just kvetch about the problems: this panel will present and brainstorm solutions together.
Panelists: Allison Fine, techPresident and Personal Democracy Forum, Shireen Mitchell, Digital Sistas, Tanya Tarr, AFSCME. Moderator: Deanna Zandt, Consultant

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Video Activism

This panel will discuss what nonprofits and campaigns are doing with video online to create social change. The advent of web 2.0 tools, video and photo enabled phones, and the ubiquity of YouTube has changed our landscape. How are these tools, along with storytelling, being harnessed for good — to create a more just and equitable world. Furthermore we will explore how can individual female activists leverage the power of video to deliver a strong message about issues we care about (equal pay, health care, choice, education, etc). Statistics show that the uploader base on YouTube skews heavily male so how can women reverse this trend and make sure our faces our seen and our voices are heard?

Panelists: Ramya Raghavan, YouTube, Yvette Matisse Bustos Hawkes, Witness, Erica Priggen, Free Range Graphics. Moderator: Shirley Sexton, See3 Communications.

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Transparency and Government 2.0

Learn about insanely useful websites that give you the tools you need to track who is funding lawmakers, how they are voting, what earmarks they are sponsoring, and much, much more. This panel will also discuss how Obama is moving government into the 21st century from a tech perspective – what does this mean for us and how we communicate with government officials. How do we make government more efficient and responsive?

Panelists: Ryan Alexander, Taxpayers for Common Sense and Sheila Krumholz, Center for Responsive Politics. Moderator: Nancy Watzman, Sunlight Foundation.

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Social Media ROI

How much are all your friends, followers and fans worth? How can an organization tell if your social media campaign is meeting your goals? How do you put a monetary value on branding? This panel will discuss realistic metrics and benchmarks any organization can use in their next online campaign.

Panelists: Heather Holdridge, Care2, Cheryl Contee, Fission Strategy. Moderator: Monique Elwell, Conversify

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Feminine Mystique
In The Feminine Mystique, Betty Friedan pointed the pointed spotlight on the unfulfilled housewife, a woman longing get out of her kitchen and into the board room.  Almost 50 years later, we may have traded one mystique for another.Now we’re asked to give everything to our jobs AND to our families, yet we often don’t get the same rewards and reverence that our male counterparts do.  So what do we do about it? Speakers in this session will share the stories that have shaped their careers and their advice for making your way in a male dominated sector.  Along the way, we’ll invite you to share your own stories, questions, and advice.Panelists: Leslie Hawthorn, Google, Joan Blades, Moveon.org and Moms Rising, Tracy Viselli, Reno Fabulous Media. Moderator: Holly Ross, NTEN

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2008 Podcasts

Interested in catching up on the 2008 Women Who Tech TeleSummit featuring women ranging from Joan Blades of Moveon.org to Arianna Huffington of Huffington Post and Lynne Johnson of Fast Company discussing social capital and building your online brand?  Click here to listen to the 2008 Women Who Tech podcasts. You can also view 2008 after party photos on Flickr and the video from the SF party.