2010 Panels

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3rd Annual Women Who Tech TeleSummit Sessions

Lightning Talks Kick off the Women Who Tech TeleSummit – 11AM to 12PM EDT

Speak Up: Pitching and Public Speaking Mojo – Whether it’s through social media or public speech onstage, the chance for women in tech and social media to impact and influence is huge …. as long as we speak up. Women Who Tech opens it’s 3rd year with this lightening talk on the power of making our voices heard. Allyson Kapin, Women Who Tech founder and Partner at Rad Campaign and Jill Foster, Live Your Talk principal will talk shop on public engagement skill online and off, the conference pitch, and women in technology leading their public, distinct voices.

Diversifying Your Tech Teams -When we create technology, we often create it for the masses. Yet, many tech teams aren’t diverse which squashes innovation and diverse perspectives. It also leads to poor usability issues such as HP’s recent fiasco where its facial recognition software did not recognize people with darker complexions. #Fail. Shireen Mitchell of Digital Sistas and Liza Sabater of Culture Kitchen will discuss why diversifying tech teams makes stronger products as well as strategies to recruit diverse techies.

Creating a Culture of Collaboration and Innovation – Tara Hunt, Author and Deanna Zandt, Author and Technologist,

How to Survive an Online Snark Attack – How do you deal with negative comments, verbal sniper,s and the inevitable trolls?

As women entreprenuers and techies, are we held to a different standard in responding online? Are we’re afraid of being labeled a bitch? Connie Reece, Founder Every Dot Connects and Co-Founder of Social Media Club International has seen it all and will discuss the best tactics to take on these snark attacks so we will no longer fear “but what if they say something negative?”

Apps and Tools to Energize Your Base 12:30PM to 1:30 PM EDT

Want to build a powerful movement online? You need two key ingredients – people and tools to connect and engage with them. From “texting” to location based apps like FourSquare this panel will give you the nuts and bolts of the latest apps and tools organizations can use to effectively moblize and energize people online.

Panelists: Amy Sample Ward, NetSquared, Corvida Raven, Technologist, Sarah Dijulio, M+R Strategic Services.

Launching Your Own Startup 12:30PM to 1:30PM EDT

Have a good start-up idea but don’t have a clue on what steps you need to take to launch it and be successful? What makes a sound business plan? Should you go out for VC money or apply for a small business loan? How do you choose the right business partners? What happens if you fail? Do these questions sound familiar? Check out this soup to nuts panel featuring an all-star lineup of entrepreneurs who have successfully launched their own startups and have lots of wisdom and advice to share.Come prepared with your questions too!

Panelists: Lisa Gansky, Meshing, Geoff Livingston, Zoetica, Rashmi Sinha, SlideShare, and Amra Tareen, AllVoices.com

Social Media ROI 2:00PM to 3:00PM EDT

Do you know what kind of an impact social media is having on your brand, mission, or bottom line? How do you put a monetary value on branding? This panel will discuss realistic metrics and benchmarks any organization can use in their campaigns and ensure that your using the right strategies and tools to listen and engage your audiences on different social networks.

Panelists: Cheryl Contee, Fission Strategy, Beth Kanter, Blogger and Zoetica, Lauren Vargas, Radiant6

Building the Ultimate User Experience 2:00PM EDT to 3:00PM EDT

What’s the latest best practices (including usability dos & don’ts,) of web usability from websites to applications and web 2.0 technologies? Some of the best usability experts will discuss strategies for bulding the ultimate user experience. The panel will also discuss the ROI of good usability practices and some of the key challenges and the implications for designers, developers, users, and marketers.

Panelists: Irene Au, Google, Oonie Chase, IfWeRanTheWorld, Maria Giudice, Hotstudio and Amy Jo Kim, ShuffleBrain

Self Promotion: Is This Really a Rant About Gender? 3:30PM to 4:30PM EDT

In A Rant About Women, Clay Shirky provoked a big debate in the blogosphere. Do enough women have what it takes to behave like arrogant self-aggrandizing jerks to get ahead? This panel will examine how people in a position of power judge and promote others. How do we deal with filters and responses to the self promoting culture that appears to discern a gender imbalance in hiring, funding, and speaking? Is it a gender problem or is it a filter problem? We’ll also tackle how we can refocus to include more than those just very good at self promotion.

Panelists: Clay Shirky, Author, Mary Hodder Dabble.com and Technologist, Lynne D. Johnson, Advertising Research Foundation, Kevin Marks, British Telecommunications and Allyson Kapin, Women Who Tech and Rad Campaign

Greening Your IT 3:30PM to 4:30PM EDT

Have you really taken into account your IT Department’s impact on the environment?  Green IT has moved beyond efforts to discourage employees from not printing emails. This panel will discuss:

  • Creating a Green IT Strategy
  • Green Software and Hardware Overview
  • Virtualization
  • Sustainable Design and Printing

Panelists: David Deal, Community IT Innovators, Anna Jaeger TechSoup Global’s GreenTech Initiative, and Ann Yoders, Green IT Consortium

Women and Open Source and Identity 5:00PM to 6:00PM EDT

If open source is so “open”, how come 95% of the open source community is dominated by men? This panel explores getting women involved in creating successful Open Source communities, the foundations of openness, and Open Standards.

Panelists: Kaliya Hamlin, She’s Geeky, Sarah Mei, Pivotal Labs, and Michelle Murrain, Open Issue

Female Ferocity 5:00PM to 6:00PM EDT

This panel will explore how tapping your own personal Alpha Bitch can be a good thing.

Panelists: Genevieve Bell, Intel, Cathy Brooks, Social Media Hour, Elisa Camahort Page, BlogHer, and Heather Harde, TechCrunch

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