Women Startup Challenge 2016 Finalists

San Francisco 2016 | Finalists | Judges | Mentors

These 10 inspiring women-led startups are the finalists of the 2016 Women Startup Challenge. They pitched their innovative and disruptive ventures to a panel of investors on June 14, 2016 in San Francisco. Check out their startups below!


Samantha Rudolph

 Pitching Founder: Samantha Rudolph


Babyation’s game-changing breast pump is discreet, quiet, and smart. Finally, moms can fit pumping around their busy lives, instead of having to arrange their lives around a pump.



Pitching Founder: Stephanie Lampkin


Blendoor is a blind recruiting app that hides candidate name and photo to circumvent unconscious bias and facilitate diversity. Its goal is to highlight the information that’s most relevant to a candidate being a “good fit,” independent of race, gender, (dis)ability, military history, or sexual orientation.


Katie Brenner

Pitching Founder: Katie Brenner


bluDiagnostics is an app designed to provide women and couples with medically accurate fertility data. The platform precisely measures women’s hormone levels, quickly, at home. It allows accurate pregnancy planning and greatly simplifies fertility treatment monitoring. bluDiagnostics: don’t guess. Know.



Pitching Founder: Suelin Chen


Cake is the easiest way to do end-of-life planning. It breaks down a daunting and difficult task into simple, bite-size chunks, and provides experts who can answer your questions. Your online Cake profile is a living document of your preferences that is easy to access, update, and share with the people who matter to you.

ClearVest Advisers

Sara Malak

Pitching Founder: Sara Malak

ClearVest aims to streamline the regulatory and investment complexities of alternative assets through a web based portal that focuses on a simple user interface and robust educational tools to reach the registered investment adviser space.

Design Flux Technologies

Courtney Gras

Pitching Founder: Courtney Gras


Design Flux Technologies is revolutionizing the energy storage industry by creating and selling the world’s first Battery Operating System, “Cognicell”. Cognicell is a new electronic product that significantly reduces cost, improves efficiency, and eases the installation and maintenance of energy storage systems in clean energy applications.

EmbraceFamily Health

Pitching Founder: Denise Terry


EmbraceFamily Health is a personalized digital health technology company innovating maternal-child healthcare thru a combination of AI-enabled doctor bots and support from real healthcare providers. It empowers patients with personalized care plans that improve maternal-child health outcomes and lowers the cost of care by leveraging the power of cognitive computing, artificial intelligence and maternal-child health data from devices, sensors, genomics and third-party partners. The first product is a smart digital OBGYN providing personalized prenatal care and 24×7 messaging support to all pregnant mothers while also detecting for potential risks to enable better care delivery from maternal-fetal medical professionals.

Entry Point VR

Pitching Founder: Carissa Flocken


Entry Point VR distributes virtual reality content over the web. They have built an innovative web player that allows brands to add interactive elements to their live action experiences and track user engagement.


Pitching Founder: Annie Mohaupt


Mohop digitally fabricates mass-customizable footwear on demand, by using emerging digital scanning and 3D manufacturing processes to create custom-fit shoes that express your personal style. Essentially, we use robots to make shoes.


Kiah Williams

Pitching Founder: Kiah Williams


SIRUM (Supporting Initiatives to Redistribute Unused Medicine) is the “match.com” for unused, unexpired medicine, matching it with people in need.