Finalists of the 2019 Women Startup Challenge Europe HealthTech

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Meet the 10 women-led startups who pitched their ventures to a jury of top investors and tech leaders on October 7, 2019 at Paris City Hall, Hôtel de Ville.

The winning startup, Cyprio, took home an equity-free $50,000 cash grant. The Audience Choice Award went to uFraction8.


Pitching Founder: Letizia Gionfrida


Arthronica is a SaaS platform to remotely diagnose arthritis using laptop/smartphone cameras combined with AI-powered software.


Pitching Founder: Dora Sabino

Immunotherapies are treating cancer patients that previously had little therapeutic options. However, responses to immunotherapy are hugely variable. Predicting response is crucial to achieve durable benefit. Blazar is building a software platform to anticipate patient response to specific cancer therapies.


Pitching Founder: Ksenia Belkina


AI-based breakthrough solution in Patient Monitoring – wearable device and analytic system remotely monitoring patient vitals and predicting critical cardiac events in real time.


Pitching Founder: Noushin Dianat


Cyprio has developed “BioPearl technology”, a breakthrough in tissue engineering allowing the fabrication of 3D micro-tissues of human organs as a more representative and predictive research tool for drug efficacy and toxicity screening, fundamental research and, ultimately, in cell therapy.


Pitching Founder: Arfa Rehman


Eva is a digital health platform that helps women have an easier and healthier menopause. It combines behavioral science, health tracking, and data-driven insights to provide personalized menopause care for managing symptoms and improving overall health.


Pitching Founder: Lauren Foundos


FORTË provides access to boutique studio classes coached by leading fitness experts worldwide. Both a technology and subscription based streaming platform, FORTË installs hardware & software into studios, which enable the classes to be streamed live daily. A FORTË subscription gives you access to this interactive and unparalleled fitness experience either through their live or on-demand library.

Luma Womb

Pitching Founder: Loanna Haseltine

Luma Womb is a medical device that enables women with impaired endometrium to carry her own child. Using near-infrared, the devise improves fertility by creating an adequately thick endometrial lining, thus providing conditions for a fertilized egg to implant.


Pitching Founder: Carla van den Bos


Meds²Go developed innovative cooling containers for people who use temperature-sensitive medicines, allowing them the freedom and security to travel. 


Pitching Founder: Monika Tomecka


uFraction8 develops novel filters to help bio-manufacturers, who grow biological cells (yeast, bacteria, micro-algae, mammalian cells) for products (food and drink, feed, bio-chemicals, medicines), to harvest cells with sustainable and scalable technology outcompeting conventional filters and centrifuges.


Pitching Founder: Sonia Neary


Wellola revolutionises how clinics care for and communicate with their patients by offering clinics an own-branded digital gateway via secure e-visit and messaging systems. Their SaaS platform is white labelled to clinics’ needs.