Finalists of the 2018 Women Startup Challenge Podcast


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Hear these 10 women-led startups pitch their ventures on the Women Startup Challenge Podcast.


Pitching Founder: Rachel McCrickard

Motivo is an online platform providing remote consultation services to mental health professionals. In the past, these consultation hours have occurred through expensive in-person sessions. Motivo provides access to a robust network of mental health professionals through secure video conference.

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Pitching Founder: Sarah Goodman

Lead by CEO, Sarah Goodman, VitalSines creates products that empower individuals to live longer, healthier lives. Their popular device, iHeart Internal Age, revolutionarily measures arterial stiffness to provide consumers with an affordable way to monitor and improve their overall health.

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Pitching Founder: Andrea Higuera

Yask combines a global community of native speakers with cutting-edge AI technology to offer human quality translations and proofreading in real time. It helps people and businesses to cross borders by communicating correctly and effectively in foreign languages.

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Pitching Founder: Rafaela Cavalcanti

CloQ provides easy to reach nano-credit, via app, to the poor and the unbanked while educating them to make better financial decisions. We use AI to improve results, increase the reach and scalability and minimize the cost of traditional microcredit.

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Dial A Pad

Pitching Founder: Faith Kimeu

Dial A Pad is a multifaceted platform that employs hardware and software solutions to holistically tackle lack of menstrual equity and sexual reproductive health for Kenyan women aged 13-45 years through e-commerce including self testing kits for HIV and other STIs, chats with gynecologists, and smart pad dispensers.

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Pitching Founder: Camilla Olson

Savitude’s comprehensive, AI-based solution makes buying decisions easier. With Savitude’s easily installed SaaS technology, shoppers answer 6 simple questions, then Savitude’s Knowledge Base and machine learning automatically curate goods into personalized collections for each shopper’s individual shape and proportion.

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Pitching Founder: Patricia Lopez

NotesFirst is a smartphone and cloud-based electronic health record (EHR) platform designed for doctors and healthcare providers in emerging markets to capture, access, and curate patient information at the point-of-care. It is an intuitive, customizable, and quickly deployable platform.

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Pitching Founder: Abigail Edgecliffe-Johnson

RaceYa educates, entertains and inspires kids through play. Our customizable, programmable radio-controlled car is a hands-on vehicle for STEM connected to a digital community that lets kids share their creations and challenges them to develop skills from engineering to robotics.

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Second Screen

Pitching Founder: Estella Gabriel

Second Screen is a curated social platform streaming bite-sized sophisticated series for the mobile culture. We rebrand and repackage good-but-unseen independent feature films to view just like a high-quality cable series of 10-minute episodes.

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Pitching Founder: Abi Ramanan

ImpactVision’s software combines hyperspectral imaging with machine learning to provide information about the quality of foods non-invasively and rapidly for food supply chains. For example, the tenderness of meat, the freshness of fish or the presence of contaminants, from images.

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