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Our Mission

The Women Startup Challenge is one of the largest pitch competitions to showcase top early-stage women-led tech startups. 

The Women Startup Challenge has one goal: to disrupt a culture and economy that has made it exceedingly difficult for women entrepreneurs to access capital. 

Only 7% of all investor money goes to women-led startups. Our Goal is to crush this dismal statistic.

Our Impact

in funding and Prizes
40% Women of Color


Martha Lane Fox

Founder and Executive Chair, Doteveryone

Jimmy Wales

Founder, Wikimedia Foundation

Marie-Laure Sauty de Chalon

CEO, aufeminin group

Rajeeb Dey, MBE

Founder, Enternships.com; CEO, Learnerbly

Adizah Tejani

Director of Marketing (EMEA) at Token

Mary McKenna MBE

Director at Elemental Software and Co-Founder of Learning Pool

Janneke Niessen

Chief Innovation Officer of Improve Digital

Tracy Doree

Founding Partner, Kindred

Fatou Diagne

Partner and Co-Founder at Bootstrap Europe

Tatiana Issaeva

Managing Partner at Fluent Digital Capital

Martin Bryant

Community Editor, Tech North

Eva de Lera

Executive Director, Raising the Floor International

Hussein Kanj

Partner at Hoxton Ventures

Mobbie Nazir

Chief Strategy Officer at We Are Social

Charles Thiede

Co-Founder and CEO of Zapnito

Claire Houry

General Partner, Ventech

Robin Wauters

Founding Editor, Tech.eu

Gonzalo Lopez

GM, Digital Valley Business School (Barcelona)

Gina Miller

Cofounder, SCM Private, True and Fair Foundation

Max Kelly

Managing Director (London) at Techstars

Marilyn Waite

Senior Manager, Energy at Village Capital

Neil Cocker

Co-Founder, Cardiff Start and TEDxCardiff

Carla Zaldua

CEO, AcceXible

Sarah McVittie

Cofounder, Dressipi

Benedetta Arese Lucini

Co-Founder, Oval Money; Former GM Uber (Italy)

Ophelia Brown

General Partner, LocalGlobe

Cathy White

Founder, CEW Communications

Belinda Waldock

Co-Founder of SoftwareCornwall.org

Pauline Roux

Partner, Elaia Partners

Rachel Delacour

General Manager and Co-Founder, BIME Analytics

Natalie Campbell

Founder, A Very Good Company

Jason Leder

Google, Partner Lead, VCs & Startups

Alice Zagury

CEO at TheFamily

Samantha Jérusalmy

Partner, Elaia Partners

Romilly Dennys

Executive Director, COADEC

Maci Peterson

CEO and Cofounder, On Second Thought

Diana Verde Nieto

Co-Founder and CEO, Positive Luxury

Jen Consalvo

Cofounder, Tech.co

Diane Tate

Program Manager, Mozilla

Frank Gruber

Cofounder, Tech.co

Kerstin Cooley

Co-Founder and Managing Partner at MOOR

Anna Boffetta

Associate, Balderton Capital; Mentor, Techstars

Harriet Minter

Presenter, Badass Women's Hour on talkRADIO; Founder of The Guardian's Women in Leadership section

Emma Sexton

Founder and Creative Director of Make Your Words Work™ and Co-Founder of Flock Global™

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