Women Who Tech:4th Annual Telesummit for Women In Technology. May 23,2012

We're Back!

Women Who Tech is launching the Women Startup Pitch Competition this fall/winter. Get ready for one of the biggest events that will help fund women startups. Join our email list so you can be the first to know about the Women Startup Pitch Competition.

While we are still putting together the program and relaunching our brand new website, please check out our last telesummit, which was packed with some of the most thought provoking discussions led by the most passionate and talented women in tech, startups, and social media. The telesummit featured startup investor Joanne Wilson, WordPress usability expert Jane Wells of Automattic, Shaherose Charania, of Founders Labs and Women 2.0, Shireen Mitchell of Digital Sistas, Elisa Camahort Page, of BlogHer, Kaliya Hamlin of She's Geeky and many more. You can check out the recordings of the panels here.

Women Who Tech brings together talented and renowned women breaking new ground in technology who use their tech savvy skills to transform the world and inspire change. We provide a supportive network for the vibrant and thriving community of women in technology professions by giving women an open platform to share their talents, experiences, and insights.

What Inspired Women Who Tech:

Diversifying the tech sector is the main inspiration behind the Women Who Tech. If we are going to truly create technology and products for the masses, the tech world must be inclusive of all perspectives. Men are welcome to participate in Women Who Tech as we consider everyone an important part of these conversations.

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This Year's Panels

2010 Lightning Talks

Past Telesummits

Fireside Chats

  • DiAnn Eisnor, Waze.com
  • Moderated by Cathy Brooks

Women Who Tech Globally

  • Beth Kanter, Author and Trainer
  • Wanjiru Kamau-Rutenberg, Ph.D Founder and Executive Director, Akili Dada
  • Heather Ramsey, Director Women’s Leadership Program, IIE and TechWomen Program

Using Technology and Social Media to Build Social Justice Movements

  • Claire Diaz Ortiz, Social Innovation, Twitter
  • April Pedersen, Co-Founder, Salsa Labs
  • Michael Silberman, Global Director of Digital Innovation, Greenpeace International
  • Amy Sample Ward, Director of Membership, NTEN

Funding Your Own Startup

  • Joanne Wilson, Angel Investor
  • Amanda Steinberg, Founder, DailyWorth
  • Pemo Theodore, Startup Coach
  • Amy Errett, Maveron

Changing the World with Open Source

  • Sarah Novotny, Program Chair, OSCON
  • Jane Wells, Master of Suggestion, Automattic,
  • Liz Henry, BlogHer, Web Developer
  • Arthur Richards, Wikimedia Foundation, Software Engineer

Harnessing Your Power

  • Susan Mernit, Co-Founder, Oakland Local
  • Lynne Johnson, Director of Strategy and Engagement, Whispr Group, Inc.
  • Elisa Camahort Page, Co-Founder, BlogHer
  • Jill Foster, Founder, Live Your Talk

Digital Rights and Online Privacy

  • Sarah Granger, Center for Technology, Media & Society
  • Kaliya Hamlin, Founder, She’s Geeky
  • Jon Pincus, Senior Vice President, Accellion
  • Laurel Ruma, O‚ÄĚReily Media

Failing Fast and Agile Development

  • Tara Hunt Co-founder of Buyosphere
  • Sarah Allen, Blazing Cloud
  • Shaherose Charania, Founders Labs and Women 2.0
  • Jen Consalvo, Co-founder, Tech Cocktail

Diversifying your Tech Teams

  • Adria Richards, Developer Evangelist, SendGrid
  • Shireen Mitchell, Founder, Digital Sista
  • Cathryn Posey, Tech By Superwoman
  • Kriselle Laran, Bullfrog Media