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On November 9, 2015, 10 of the best women-led startups in the Northeast pitched and showcased their innovative and disruptive ventures at Microsoft in Times Square to a panel of investors including Joanne Wilson, Susan Lyne – President of BBG Ventures, Kathryn Finney – Founder and Managing Director of digitalundivided (DID), and Victoria Song – VC at Flybridge. See the winners below and check out all of the finalists from the Women Startup Challenge NYC.winners3

First Place:

SoftSpot by Moonlab

SabineSeymourPortrait 2

Twitter: @softspotio

Pitching Founder: Dr. Sabine Seymour

Moonlab is the most recent brainchild of Dr. Sabine Seymour, a serial entrepreneur and conceptual researcher, who is a pioneer working on the intersection of fashion and technology. Moonlab engineers the SoftSpot, the first truly seamless sensor system for clothing.

Second Place:



Twitter: @thesirenring

Pitching Founder: Kat Alexander

More than beautiful. Essential. SIREN offers a new class of safety device for fashion-conscious women, containing modular technology that activates instantly to offer immediate assistance during an emergency. We are first to market with a patented line of protective accessories featuring a hidden wearer-actuated 110+ dB alarm and rechargeable power supply, used to simultaneously disorient/deter attackers and attract help. Given the unexpectedness of most crimes of opportunity, SIREN addresses the critical and universal need to provide women with defensive resources that are convenient to use and fashionable to wear, ensuring continuous access and protection at a moment’s notice.

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